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Let's sew a small kit

Augustine et Balthazar

Let's sew a small kit

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Brand : Augustine et Balthazar Jolis Kit créatifs


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Augustine et Balthazar - Sewing

Augustine et Balthazar

Augustine & Balthazar is a small company created 4 years ago by 2  (young) former school teachers.
In our shop, we offer our customers a wide range of quality products carefully selected with taste, favoring local and eco-friendly products.
Fabric, wool, paper, modeling, painting, decorations, gifts,...everything you’re fond of for your creative hobbies is available online on our e-shop and in our store located in Ferney-Voltaire (close to Geneva Airport).
Augustine & Balthazar, it is also an all-organic tea salon (optimally located in downtown Ferney Voltaire), and a Workshop with a wide choice of quality classes and creative activities (sewing, knitting,...) for all ages.


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