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BY NIGHT - Knitting

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I sell high quality yarns I natural dyed in Belgium with plants, bugs and a lot of love in very limited batches. I also sell accessories in fabrics designed and made by me with fabrics dyed with plants from my garden.

Dyeing with plants is fascinating and the possibilities are endless ... My work and my yarns are dedicated to  knitters who like the idea of ​​having a unique thread that has an history. The one of a particular attention for the nature which surrounds us, nourishes us and dresses us.

The colors obtained are exciting. They vary enormously according to the luminosity or the type of light (artificial or natural). They are alive and, once knitted, they reveal themselves even more and combine wonderfully well with each other.

I either use plants from home, from my garden or brought back from walks, or more exotic plants that I buy in specialized shops. The yarns come from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Argentina or Uruguay. They are made with the utmost respect for the environment and social standards. All are guaranteed without mulesing (surgical technique of ablation of part of the perianal skin of sheep).

As I like sharing and communicating about my work and passion, I host a podcast - followed by nearly 4000 subscribers - on YouTube in which I regularly talk about my work with plants. On Instagram also, I tell the behind the scene, trials and tests. All this information is also available on my website www.bynightcreations.com


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