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Lîle à Mousse

Lîle à Mousse - Sewing

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In my workshop located in Cornac in the Lot, I create traditional bears that combine the image of "teddy bears" of our grandparents to a homemade. Each realized bear is a unique piece. Following my inspiration, I work and rework the patterns. Then comes the choice of materials: Mohair, Alpaca, cotton or fabric recovery. All bears are made in the old fashioned way. These are the same materials and especially the same way as before. They have joint systems that allow them to turn heads, legs and arms. Their eyes are either made of glass or made with old buttons of ankle boots. I realize my bears with a lot of passion and affection. Each bear has its own personality even though they are all made in the same way. I am often told that they look sad ... I love them like that! By going to my website www.lileamousse.com, you will find almost a picture of all the bears that I could realize. They are all baptized by my husband!


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