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Les clés d'un partcipation réussie : Boostez la fréquanttaion de votre stand

Boost the frequentation of your stand

Published on by Melanie Gourlain - updated on - Actualité

Visitors plan ahead their show visit. Attract the curiosity of visitors, communicate before show opening, transmit your message by email, by post or on social networks. Create an incentive: an attractive offer to help visitors come to see your stand and products at the show.

Indicate your presence

Invite your contacts

Make an email campaign to your contact database (customers, prospects, business partners ...) and send them invitations to come your way. It is a must! in addition to the valuate, it also allows you to retain.

Animate your stand

Provide entertainment to attract visitors' attention and encourage them to stop at your booth. Why not organize a contest and take the opportunity to reap some email addresses through entries?You can also offer coupons on account instead. Finally, you can also organize thematic workshops to showcase your expertise and showcase your products and / or services.