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Créations & savoir-faire

Créations & savoir-faire, the arts and craft show a reference on the market

The Arts and Crafts Market (hand made)

The passion that the French have had for hand made in general and for arts and crafts in particular has a direct impact on the performance of the market. Turnover is just above 1 billion euros with a 1.5/2% growth per year.

Over the past 15 years « Hand made » evolved from a niche sector, touching hobbyists only, to a widely spread phenomenon.

Créations et savoir-faire: from a niche show to a sociological phenomenon

Since its creation in 1996, by Aude de Thuin - a visionary business woman - Créations & savoir-faire has become the reference show on the arts and crafts market.

The show grew following the trends, keeping focused on the key elements which made it so successful:
Inspiration, practice and the best product offer on the market.

The show contributed to the come back of cross stitch, to democratise fines arts, to promote women handicrafts, to accompany scrapbooking emergence, to get the younger to sew and to make arts and crafts enter in everybody’s homes !

In the course of the past 20 years, our visitor has changed, she (99% are women) is younger and more modern.

Créations & savoir-faire is HER place to be, where she is able to buy new products and attend workshops. She spends 25% of her annual budget at creations & savoir-faire

Créations & savoir-faire is the event not to be missed on the arts and crafts market in France and Europe, and it will enable you to :

  • Boost your sales by adressing a visitor who buys at that time of year more than any other time. (95% of our visitors buy on the show )
  • Have your products and new releases tested by some of the more passionate hobbyists
  • Find new customers and grow your data base
  • Present your Christmas collections

More than 65 000 visitors expected will meet in Paris Porte de Versailles from 28th of November to 2nd of December 2018