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Amplify your presence on social networks

Communicate before, during and after the show


The influence of Créations & savoir-faire on the networks is an opportunity to highlight your brand and viralize your presence as well as to maximize your participation in the show.


Remember to identify the show in your publications and use the #SalonCSF to give more strength to your publications

Before Créations & savoir-faire

You can use your Facebook fan page, your Instagram account, your Twitter account ... to indicate your presence in a publication enhancing your products (accessories, kits or raw materials) and your new releases launched at the show.

Tips :

Do not forget on your social network communication to indicate your booth number! You can also organize a contest to offer invitations to the show. On your website: use the communication kit at your disposal, communicate your presence and your booth number on your website.

During Créations & savoir-faire

Social networks make it possible to inform web users extremely quickly, so take advantage of them to raise interest.

Tips :

During setting up: post some photos "Work in progress"

During the show: post photos of your products, give your stand number, announce your highlights (signings, demonstrations, workshops ...)

After Créations & savoir-faire

Continue the Creations & know-how experience on your networks!

Repost the publications of your fans in which you appeared, make an appointment with your community for the next edition ...


Find #SalonCSF on networks

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Fan page Créations & savoir-faire : @creationsetsavoirfaire

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Compte Instagram : @creationssavoirfaire 

Twitter Créations & savoir-faire

Compte twitter : @salonCSF

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