Optimise your stand display

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Make the best impression, stage your products !

Optimize your stand layout

The layout of your exhibition stand plays a very important part in the success of your participation. A beautiful stand will enhance your offer and your products, it will allow you to capture the eyes of our visitors. Optimize your stand with an attractive decoration. Be original and creative!

It is really important to maximize the space of your stand. It must be practical, the visitor must be able to circulate freely inside your stand in order to avoid any feeling of frustration and to promote exchanges with your customers.

Tips : 

  • If the surface does not allow you to greet visitors inside the booth, consider aligning tables along the driveway.
  • Put pretty tablecloths on the tables, this will allow you to hide the storage you will store under the tables.
  • Use partitions to highlight your products.
Etagères produits stand Créations & savoir-faire

Look after the decoration

Make the difference with an attractive decoration. Be original and creative! Embody the values ​​of the brand in your decoration ... Create a comfortable and pleasant space.

Remember to stage your products, highlight the finished product to inspire.

Mise en scène produits Créations & savoir-faire

Do not under-estimate lighting !

The choice of lights is essential, it will allow you to perfect your stand, to highlight your products and especially to create an atmosphere. You will be able to stand out from your competitors.

To go further 

Point out your presence ! 

You can complete the layout of your stand with tools of visibility and communication on our various supports.

Logo on hall plan and on the tour guide

Drop above your stand, floor stickers ...