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Créations & savoir-faire Spring

Créations & Savoir-Faire Paris opens a Spring edition! 

New in 2019 !

Créations & savoir-faire, the leader in arts and crafts shows in France launches its Spring edition in Paris from 7th to 10th March 2019.

The passion that the French have had for hand made in general and for arts and crafts in particular has a direct impact on the performance of the market. Turnover is just above 1 billion euros with a 1.5/2% growth per year.

Over the past 15 years « Hand made » evolved from a niche sector, touching hobbyists only, to a widely spread phenomenon.

A spring edition approved by the arts and crafts community

Créations & savoir-faire Spring answers to the need and expectations of the arts and crafts lovers. At the question : would like another créations & savoir-faire to take place in March, the answer was yes by 82% !

Most of all, Créations & savoir-faire Spring creates new business and communications opportunities to the actors of the market , and relies on a leader show which success, over the last 2 decades, is no longer to prove.

This new show will take place at the same dates and venue as Aiguille en fête – the Paris needlecrafts show – a configuration beneficial for both shows.

Créations & savoir-faire spring offers a range of activities all about green, happy events, and spring in home made deco, paper, scrap, beads, fine arts, and arts and crafts in general.

The needecrafts sector is represented on Aiguille en fête.

Créations & savoir-faire spring follows the same essentials that made the success of the show:

  • Be inspirational,
  • be practical (with hundreds of workshops),
  • and be the ultimate shopping experience on the market.

A new wind is blowing on the arts and crafts!

* Source : Online survey held in July 2018 among Créations & savoir-faire newsletter subscribers.

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