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AUTOUR D'ELSA - Stitching

Stands :

C 107

Needles & tradition


Creation of cross stitch patterns.

Embroidery kits in cross stitch. Mini embroidery kits. Christmas kits.

Mini hoops kits for cross stitch embroidery. Kits pouches and embroidery kits. Kits kits Paris Eiffel Tower. kits bee and crown pouches bags. Pull-on embroidery on cotton shopping bags.

Wooden accessories for cross stitch.

Suspensions hangers for embroidery. Organizers of threads, wooden tri-threads.

Mini hoops decoration suspensions. Mini jewelry hoops  for necklaces or brooches. Round and oval embroidery hoops.

Degraded color embroidery flosses Les Fils à Soso.


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