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Patter making books for women's wear, patterns sewing, basics patterns

dp studio


We present to you a large choice of sewing patterns, in a creative universe, who bring a new vision of sewing pattern

A new method of patternmaking for women's wear, who explain how to make the differents pieces of women's wear. A rigor, a lots of technicals details, more than 1700 pages who discribe a french "savoir-faire", who respect a tradition reconginze all around the world


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dp studio

dp studio is a design and publishing studio dedicated to fashion. It came into being thanks to an increasing awareness of the importance of passing on and upholding traditional know-how in the fields of women’s clothing design and maunfacturing.

dp studio really began after the publication of a first book (in 3 volumes) that focuses on a new method for making women’s clothing using flat pattern-drafting and that communicates the particular know-how corresponding to the making of quality products.

dp studio defends this innovative method as a clear, easy and precise process for learning, perfecting and professionnalisation. It is the ideal tool for people who seek to learn a maximum and wish to broaden their knowledge of the women’s clothing domain.