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505 - Temporary adhesive for fabric



The 505 - Temporary adhesive for fabric is an aerosol to temporarily stick a tissue. It facilitates patchwork quilting, placement, cutting and stitching of your tissues.

With the Odicoat, they are the magical duo. The 505 - Temporary adhesive will be first applied on your fabrics to easily cut to easly cut and place it, before using the Odicoat. And all of this, without stain and gum needles!

Brand : ODIF


  • C 115

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Product type

  • Innovative product




Pour Tissus :


Glues & Adhesives :

Cutting glue, masking glue, decoupage glue, permanent craft adhesive, temporary
adhesive, fabric glue, repositionable glue, temporary adhesive for fabric, permanent
fusible glue.

Varnishes :

Shiny varnish, matt varnish, satin varnish, finishing varnish for outdoor.

Special effect coatings :

Crackle varnish.
Frosted effect varnish in white, red, yellow, green, blue.
Glitter varnish in gold, silver, iridescent, pink, red, green, orange and purple.
Pearl effect varnish in blue, red, green, silver, gold.

Other products :

DK5 adhesive remover, Fabric protect with UV inhibitors, Gesso spray, Fabric Booster, Odicoat.

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